Conference Scope

Conference Scope

ISFBI is expecting to host high level contributions from academia and from industry as well on these core subjects:

  • Financial Markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Technological innovations, IT and Smart applications
  • Risk management, especially dedicated techniques for banking and insurance
  • Governance of financial institutions in time of crisis
  • Impact of accounting evolving norms and rules on financial management
  • New modelling and forecasting tools for finance, banking and insurance
  • FinTech and BigTech existing and prospective impacts on financial markets, banking and insurance industry
  • Cryptocurrencies and central banking digital currencies impacts on markets and on monetary policy

A separate PhD Workshop is proposed by Conference Chairs. The first page must mention Special Workshop. The objective is to help students to write scientific papers from their PhD chapters.

Publications Opportunities

Articles will be in special issues:

  1. Annals of Operations Research, GE of SI: Risk Management Decisions and Value under Uncertainty
  2. La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, see guidelines
  3. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, website is :